To shape into a startup that will make an impact in the universe_


Our Mission is to create a world where medical services can be accessed with technology anywhere, anytime.


The five work values embraced by Medmain.

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Think deeply
and strategically.

We discover and implement the most substantive method to achieve goals by taking a multifaceted and panoramic viewpoint.

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Opt for a path that has
a greater impact.

As it is said that humans make 9,000 decisions per day, we provide greater efficacy and value to these daily decisions, and achieve goals by selecting that which has the greatest impact.

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Moving ahead
while maintaining
high quality and speed.

We do not produce unpolished, low-quality output, and we avoid reductions in speed resulting from getting bogged down in non-essential details. We proceed with a balance between sufficiently high quality and satisfactory speed.

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Have an open
and respectful mind.

We strive for open communication and are ready to accept diverse opinions. We create a friendly environment in which everyone can work comfortably with respect for the opinions, work and personalities of other members.

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Treasure positivity
and creativity.

At all times, we foster a spirit of autonomy as well as behaviors that engage others, and we respect innovative ideas.


Message from the CEO

~ What does it mean to be a company that impacts the universe? ~

Medmain Inc. CEO Osamu Iizuka

We present a message from Osamu Iizuka, the founder and managing executive who is also an engineer and medical student,
on the course of events leading up to founding Medmain Inc. as well as on the company’s mission and vision for the future.

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Job openings

Recruitment Information

At Medmain, we are looking for a broad range of personnel and professionals in numerous occupations, including engineering positions, business positions, pathology-related positions, corporate positions and more.
Employees are free to select their workplace based on their working style, either in Tokyo, Fukuoka or anywhere in the world via telecommuting. (Some positions have fixed workplaces.)

Medmain's recruiting information including company and business introduction, and job openings, etc. is provided in Notion.
Please check this in advance.

Recruiting Note

Open Positions

To access the "Application Site", please click the button below and select the position you want to apply through the "Available Positions". Please check the "Recruiting Information" and "Job Description", and then click "応募する" to submit your application.
For general recruiting inquiries including recruitment support, please contact the following.
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Entry Site


Diverse benefit package

Medmain is constantly making improvements to provide a challenging environment in which
employees can work with peace of mind. As a startup, we will continue to proactively formulate
systems required in work.

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Flexible working hour and discretionary labor system

We have instituted a flexible working hour and discretionary labor system, which enables employees to work in line with their own working style.

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Remote work OK

We have instituted a system for telecommuting. Applicable employees may work anywhere they choose at their own discretion. The entire world can be your office, including your home, a café.

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Language learning support system available

Both inside and outside of the company, there are many cases to use English. The company covers part of the cost for employees to brush up or to learn English or other language.

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Relocation Support

In the case that entering the company entails a move, either within Japan or from overseas, we provide a system to partially ease the financial burden of moving. (Based on our regulations)

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